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Data Cleansing

Let’s start from the fundamentals. What is data cleansing? Assuming you have a database of mailing addresses which you plan to use to promote your new product / service. You’ve set aside a budget to accommodate this marketing activity and you’re all set to send mailers to the addresses pulled out from your database. Here comes the challenge. Nearly 1/5th of your mailers reach the wrong contact and a good percentage of your mailers reach deceased people creating stress and panic. According to statistics, over 6 million people shift to a new address and roughly about 600,000 people reach heavenly abode every year in UK. This means a huge amount of your marketing budget has been wasted. So, what went wrong? Lack of data integrity! One wrong information, such as door number or pin code can land your mailer in the wrong hands. This is where data cleansing UK comes into act. Data being a valuable asset need to be cleaned, verified and updated from time to time. We understand that you do not have the time for consumer data cleansing. We, Silver Bird Marketing can do the job for you at highly affordable rates. Our online data cleaning services and telemarketing data cleansing are backed with years of experience in the field.

We provide online, offline and on-demand consumer data cleansing for clients in the UK. All our clients are happy with our service and have played an integral role in increasing our client base. We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a dedicated team of highly qualified and well-trained data auditors in B2C data cleaning and data cleansing leads who strive to ensure that our data cleansing UK services augment the efficacy of your marketing campaign. The strength of marketing is only as strong as its data. Using out-dated or incomplete data only amounts of waste of money and time. Besides, mailers going to the wrong person continuously may have a negative impact and could tarnish the image of your company permanently. We understand this predicament, which is why we have stepped forward to help many companies with telemarketing data cleansing and B2C data cleaning services, which in turn has increased customer retention and helped marketing campaigns to be more effective. Following a stringent process of data cleansing leads, we perform the following activities to ensure complete and accurate data.

  • Remove duplicate data
  • Add and update phone numbers
  • Delete international addresses, PO boxes
  • Validate names and addresses
  • Provide an analysis of gender and suppress by age
  • Highlight or delete individuals who have shifted homes
  • Highlight or suppress deceased records

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